Earlier this month, a spellbound audience at the Isle of Wight Music, Dance and Drama Festival watched Ellen Weeks give an improvised talk on the title 'Every Picture Tells A Story'.

With only five minutes preparation, Ellen highlighted iconic pictures from the press, ranging from the napalm girl to the tank driving over the car in Ukraine, and concluded with the a personal picture of her newborn grandson, which outshone all the darkness in the world.

Speech and drama adjudicator, Jenny Thornton, said: "Ellen was born to be a public speaker", and for her amazing performance Ellen was awarded 92 marks - the highest in the speech and drama section of the festival.

Jenny said it was also a mark she rarely gives out - a mark of 90 or above is outstanding and is considered an exceptional performance, both technically and artistically.

Ellen, who is both a speech and drama tutor and vice-chair of the festival, also saw many of her pupils achieve excellent marks.

Among her successful students, Ellen's two oldest, 17-year-olds Ailsa Nuttall and Ruby Dalloz, achieved 90 and 91 marks for verse speaking and acting respectively.

Ellen concluded: "It's so good that the festival taking place 'in person' once more and that all the children from many schools can enjoy performing in front of one another."

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