Cllr Geoff Brodie, IW Council chairman, wrote recently to the County Press expressing surprise at the apparent lack of response from a range of organisations to allegations that Cllr Peacey-Willcox appeared to have owned a collection of golly doll figures.

The story had developed quite fast over a relatively short period of time and UNISON took the measured response of gathering all known facts about the issue before its elected representatives determined together the course of action it should take.

UNISON presented its position to councillors, including the council leader, at the IW Council Joint Consultative Meeting held on March 8.

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Cllr Brodie decided not to attend. UNISON’s position on the matter is summarised below and Cllr Brodie would have been unaware of this at the time he wrote to the County Press.

  • UNISON is always extremely concerned about any manifestation of racism and is opposed to it in all its forms as well as being opposed to all other forms of discrimination.
  • UNISON believes that golly doll figures are outdated, offensive and entirely inappropriate in the modern world
  • UNISON welcomes the recent public apology recently issued by Lora Peacey-Wilcox, the leader, for the offence caused by the appearance of golly doll figures on a social media post — albeit it believes that the issues involved should have been clarified more fully and at an earlier stage
  • UNISON believes that this incident graphically highlights the need for urgent and more intense training in all issues relating to racism for councillors, managers and staff of the IW Council
  • UNISON is also opposed to bullying in all its forms and has recently received expressions of concern from a number of members about this following local media reports of recent council meetings, including the last meeting of the full council

UNISON is continuing to engage with its members on the matter.

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