I WAS stunned by the lack of outrage, following the outburst of sexism from Cllr Vanessa Churchman in a recent planning meeting.

Her statement is prejudice, stereotyping and discriminating on the basis of sex. She should resign with immediate effect.

I noted her comments in the paper and on your website last week and her sexism, despite standing on the steps of County Hall supporting Woman’s Day, appears not to have been challenged.

“You can understand why there is a war in Ukraine, because when you men get together you are bloody impossible.”

If that statement had read: “You can understand why there is a war in Ukraine, because when you woman get together you are bloody impossible,” there would have been an outcry.

Ignore the fact that it’s a very low level to stoop to, likening mass murder of woman and children to the behaviour in a council meeting.

It’s the fact that if the word ‘men’ had read ‘woman’, there would have been a tsunami of statements from women’s groups, anti-sexist groups and all manner of activists.

It’s intolerable. Unless of course you are a member of the ‘nasty’ party in which case it’s okay, bordering on part of acceptance into the club.

The council code of conduct is on the not-so-easy to navigate council website, and her disgraceful venting breaches it on various levels.

It no doubt falls foul of the Equality Act too. So why is this tolerated, but not the words of Geoff Brodie?

Brodie isn’t a Tory, that’s why. It’s also convenient for Joe Robertson to keep quiet as at the moment, Brodie is of benefit to him.

Joe Robertson may have also conveniently forgotten that Vanessa Churchman is no stranger to such gibberish.

She once appeared on LBC talking about Brexit, only to be ripped apart on her total misunderstanding of what she was talking about.

Then on a resident newsletter, claiming that a defence against Covid is a warm cup of tea!

Like the jets roaring overhead in the Ukraine, the hypocrisy from the Tories is deafening and although it would be a crying shame to lose Churchman as she easily the clown of the chamber with her frequent gaffs and idiotic comments.

The nasty party haven’t learnt a thing and that’s why, just like Putin, they will be put out to pasture for good next time round.

As a member of public, if you wanted to raise a complaint about the sexist comment, you have until tomorrow to do so via the council website.

Good luck with that,its appalling. On the other hand,every court needs its jester and at some point she really will hang herself and her group.

Maybe its better to chalk it up as ‘foolish behaviour’ and play the long game,waiting for a real humdinger.

Still sexist it is and so the Tory hypocrisy continues.

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