ARE YOU planning a street party for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee?

The first deadline for applying to the Isle of Wight Council for a private residential street party is tomorrow, Thursday, April 7.

Having a street party is a great way to meet your neighbours, build community spirit and celebrate the event.

A pack provided by the council provides all the information and guidance needed to arrange an event, and Island Roads will support most road closure applications.

Traffic management requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Planning your Queen's Platinum Jubilee Street Party

Administrative fees (excluding possible traffic management fees) will be waived if the following apply:

• Road closure applications for private residential street parties are received by April 7.

• You apply to close a residential road where only residential traffic will be affected.

• The road closure is for up to eight hours within one day between June 2 to 5.

• The party must not be publicised or advertised to the wider public. It must be organised for residents and neighbours only.

• Has no more than 499 people attending.

• The party does not involve any commercial activity within the road closure area. This means no selling of alcohol / food or charge for entry to the party.

• No entertainment like live music or performances (amateur performances and background music are permitted without licences).

If you are arranging a larger scale private residential street party where strategic routes /bus routes need to be closed, contact the Island Roads Streetworks team for further advice on

Isle of Wight Council statement on Queen's Jubilee street parties

An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said: “In conjunction with our service provider, Island Roads, we have compiled an information / application pack for residents (organisers).

“We have stipulated an application deadline of April 7 for private residential street parties. All applications received by this date will be assessed and prioritised over late applications or indeed any applications that are considered ‘events’ for which additional fees and licenses may need to be obtained by the organisers.

“Also, to comply with the legislation, if the road is closed utilising the Town Police Clauses Act, the absolute latest we can receive any application for Private Residential Parties only is Monday, May 9, and therefore there is scope to receive late applications.

"This is necessary to enable applications to be properly assessed and to give time for the required notice to stakeholders detailing the extent of the affected road closures.”

Public notices can be viewed in the County Press each week.

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