Police have confirmed they are not pursuing claims of harassment levelled by council leader Cllr Lora Peacey-Wilcox in the wake of the gollygate incident which saw her accused of having racially insensitive figures in her house.

She complained to Hampshire Constabulary in the wake of the revelation.

At the time, Isle of Wight Council chairman, Cllr Geoff Brodie, said he was tired of being accused of things over the matter,

In February, he published an exchange of emails from November which appeared to show him drafting a resignation letter for the leader, including the claim said she had been given the figures by a relative. 

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Now, the police body has confirmed it is not following up the allegation, saying: "We received a report of a hate incident on the evening of February 22 from a woman aged in her fifties from Cowes.
"The report relates to the sharing of an image online and subsequent harassment to the victim from members of the public.
"An investigator has reviewed the circumstances and no criminal offences were identified. Safeguarding advice has been provided following this review."

Complaints about Cllr Brodie's behaviour at an Isle of Wight Council meeting where submitted to the authority.

Cllr Brodie told the County Press: "This news is no surprise at all.

"The way in which Cllr Peacey-Wilcox has defended herself against questions about her integrity since February 17 was always entirely malicious and nonsensical.

"It just demonstrates once again that she is not fit to be leader of the IW Council.

"It is time for her to step down." 

Cllr Peacey Wilcox was approached for comment on Saturday but has not responded.