The people of the Island have shown a wonderful act of help and kindness to Ukraine in its time of need, even the County Press has not failed in admirably doing its part.

Having been personally involved in rescue attempts, I have to thank those caring and heroic people (who wish to remain anonymous) without whose help I would not have known where to start.

I have heard from two escapees about what they have experienced — even more general horrors in reaching the UK than the news channels have covered in detail as yet.

All the people and volunteers both in the UK and Europe have risen to the challenge in a wonderful way — and we must not forget that people from the USA who are out there doing their part as well.

But! Although the UK government is leading in helping militarily, other governments need to do more, Europe and NATO — lots of bluster but little help. Again in the USA bluster from Biden. But they certainly could supply more help

These governments could and should do more, not just impose sanctions, and mostly of late, a few weapons along with sympathetic talk.

While governments watch, Putin is invading a smaller country, committing genocide, rape, creating a scorched earth policy and ignoring all decent humane behaviour.

Hitler was quite rightly demonised, but Stalin who committed the same atrocities was partly ignored and left to carry on, his actions watched by us in the West. Now we have Putin doing the same as Hitler, and governments are partly appeasing him.

I do not condone risking nuclear conflict, but governments could give greater ground and air military help (under the radar as you might say) and it could be done, given the will.

How can governments stand by and watch such happenings on their doorstep?

If they do not make a stand, Putin will take it to mean a weakness, and tomorrow it may be their country next.

Dictators like Putin, Stalin and Hitler must be shown that this form of aggression will never be accepted by modern society and does not pay.

Governments have to make an effort for a better, more peaceful future, starting with a stand against Putin.

Governments always find reasons for negating responsibility, but we all know in truth where there is a will, there is a way.

And we need to persuade our government and MPs and other governments to take positive action now, not only for Ukraine, but for our future and the future of our young people.

IW please keep your splendid efforts going in helping Ukraine!

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