A lucky bidder snapped up a bass drum skin, sporting the signatures of more than 60 leading musicians, in aid of Isle of Wight based water charity Roll Out The Barrel Trust.

The names of some of the best drummers in rock were on the drum, which was auctioned by Bonhams on May 4.

It sold for £1,912.50.

Blondie's Clem Burke, The Kinks' Mick Avory, The Jam's Rick Buckler, The Who's Kenney Jones and Pink Floyd's Nick Mason were all included.

Isle of Wight County Press: The drum and signatory Nick Mason, from Pink Floyd.The drum and signatory Nick Mason, from Pink Floyd.

It took around five years to collect the names, thanks to the efforts of The Chords drummer Brett "Buddy" Ascott.

The Roll Out The Barrel Trust helps people in developing countries by providing ingenious portable barrels that can be rolled from clean water sources to homes, instead of being carried.

Missed your chance to bid? Make a donation to the Roll Out The Barrel Trust instead HERE!