Recently the County Press has featured various attacks on the half term decision announced by Alliance Education portfolio holder Debbie Andre. 

Conservative members now out of Isle of Wight Council cabinet power failed to recognise the upheaval of the pandemic, just as they have ignored the shameful state of the Ocean Hotel in Sandown and buildings in Fitzroy Street, the latter within a minutes walk of their Conservative club building. 

While Conservative councillors are desperate to hold onto mayoral office in Sandown, perhaps they would like to explain how they have left the Alliance-led council to take action on the Ocean Hotel. 

In the same week as the letters I stood in front of the Ocean Hotel with tourists who have been regular visitors to the Isle of Wight over the years, their words were “how sad” Sandown has become, and they told me they were staying in Yarmouth this time. 

So perhaps those who have held mayoral office for Sandown, including former Sandown deputy mayor, Cllr Brading, ex-education portfolio holder, whose rather petty letter was also featured, would like to explain why they have been more keen on personal ceremonial prestige than the reputation of Sandown as a holiday resort. 

I have every faith that Cllr Andre, as an Alliance member working cross party, will encourage sustainable forward-thinking into the Isle of Wight education system for the benefit of the young, who face a challenging future.

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