SENIOR doctors and nurses at St Mary's Hospital are calling on residents to help get patients out of hospital who "do not need to be there". 

As of today (Thursday), the Isle of Wight NHS Trust says 71 people are currently being cared for in hospital who needn't be there — the equivalent of three full wards. 

The trust says these people should be in the right place to meet their needs, whether that’s at home or in a different care setting.

Medical director, Steve Parker, revealed how in the last fortnight, the hospital had seen people refusing or delaying their discharge.

He said there were several examples of people declining social care placements because they didn’t want to travel between towns to visit their relatives in a care home a few miles away.

The trust has opened beds in all available clinical areas, but believes the situation is not sustainable, with both medical and nursing staff stretched to meet the needs of patients.

NHS bosses are appealing to Islanders, patients, their families and friends, to help ease the pressure on services.

“We are doing everything we can to help people leave hospital when they are medically able to, but we need the public’s help," said Steve Parker.

“We all know about the pressure that our colleagues are under in adult social care.

"Placements are hard to come by and their staff are dealing with similar challenges to the NHS.

“We need Islanders to do their bit to help ease the pressure. 

"We know that many patients could go home, but need the help of relatives and friends to enable them to do so."