Residents in Ventnor are bracing themselves for the upcoming closure of the Graben - but the major work will impact on outlaying villages too.

A section of Newport Road, Ventnor, known as the Graben, separates Upper and Lower Ventnor, and is set to be closed for emergency sewer works to prevent a sinkhole appearing.

It will be closed by Southern Water from June 24 for approximately two weeks, which means no vehicles will be able to pass.

With Leeson Road already closed following a landslide in December, this means the only way out of Ventnor will be through the small rural village of Whitwell.

Southford Lane in WhitwellSouthford Lane in Whitwell (Image: Isle of Wight County Press) Ventnor residents have been notified of the upcoming changes, via a letter in the post  from Southern Water.

When traffic heading out of Ventnor reaches Whitwell Church, it will not be permitted through the village of Whitwell and onwards to Newport, but must turn left and go towards Niton, the letter explains.

Those travelling into Ventnor will be able to drive from Godshill, to Whitwell, and on to Ventnor, along a one-way section.

At the end of May, the County Press asked the Isle of Wight Council if the diversion routes would be checked for visibility, as there were some overgrown areas such as the junction of Southford Lane and the Newport/Niton Road. This week, work has been done to make the route clearer (see photo, above).

Should there be any emergencies, Leeson Road can be still be used as an entry point to Ventnor by the emergency services. This has been the case since the landslide.

Although the Graben work is set to cause inconvenience, Southern Water said if the work is not done, the sinkhole could cause the road to collapse.

The road closure is slated for two weeks but residents are warned that should additional works be identified during the repair, the closure could last longer.

Southern Vectis is set to announce its plans, which will include a shuttle bus service from Upper Ventnor.

The IW Council is set to announce some temporary parking restrictions within the diversion to optimise traffic flows. These will be advertised in advance.