Paul Ayling, Uckfield, East Sussex:

On Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30, I visited St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight to visit my father.

I live on the mainland and had a significant journey which was made somewhat more stressful due to what I can only describe as the most awkward parking payment set up I have ever experienced.

I work in central London and it’s a breeze compared to what I experienced at St Mary’s.

I parked correctly both days and the problem started when I tried to pay the car parking. I tried using both machines, one inside and one outside, in the North parking area.

Neither machines worked and displayed a message “no server available”.

I then attempted to pay and inputted the time of arrival.

I then presented my card which resulted in receipts saying void payment.

I noticed the bin was full of receipts stating the same from other people that tried to pay.

I then noticed a QR code on the machine, 2699. I had downloaded the parking app and this code is for The Royal Berkshire hospital! Certainly not on the Isle of Wight! 

There was a red phone with a sign that said call to speak to operator for parking. I picked up the phone and no surprise, it was dead.

I then scanned another QR code displayed on a metal sign and that sent me to a link. I correctly entered my vehicle registration only to be told that the registration is not recognised.

Each day I was there for under two hours and despite my best efforts I am at a loss how to pay.

Is this some deliberate game or wind up to cause extra stress in an already stressful situation?