An Isle of Wight woman and her ‘Outrageous Home’ has featured on Channel 4 with TV personality Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

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When teaching assistant Poppy Hockney inherited her Ventnor terraced home seven years ago, it was in a sorry state, with collapsed ceilings and a wildly overgrown garden.

Poppy’s parents both passed away in the house, and her friends urged her to sell up due to its condition and the bad memories it contained.

Poppy Hockney at the front door of 'Poppyland'Poppy Hockney at the front door of 'Poppyland' (Image: IWCP)

However, seeing a chance to create her dream home, and, after renovations, hard work, and painstakingly painting every inch, Poppy was proud to unveil her very own ‘Poppyland’.

Described as a kawaii home, which in Japanese means ‘all things cute’, the house features pink walls, carpet and furniture, with clouds painted on the ceilings throughout.

The home is accessorised to the max, filled with teddies, plush doughnuts, rainbows, unicorns, smiley faces and fairytale elements.

(Image: IWCP)

Poppy told the County Press: “I wanted to turn a really negative situation into a positive space – I reclaimed it.

“Pink is my favourite colour, it makes me happy, and I love decorating. It’s a hobby!

“It’s how I express myself to the world, to show them who I am.”

The centrepiece of Poppy’s home is her Poppyland sign, custom-made by a friend.

She added: “Poppyland has always been something I’ve had in my head. To create a happy place, it’s almost magical.”

Poppy Hockney and her custom-made Poppyland signPoppy Hockney and her custom-made Poppyland sign (Image: IWCP)

In the future, Poppy wants to create an entire wall of plush toys and is always on the lookout for more ideas and accessories to kit out Poppyland.

Poppy’s hard work put her on the radar of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who arrived alongside a camera crew two years ago to film the first series of Channel 4’s Outrageous Homes.

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Laurence described Poppy as a “queen, goddess, icon,” and had high praise for her “pink, pimped up palace.”

During the show, Poppy unboxed a giant ice cream with Laurence, an item now proudly standing in the archway of her kitchen.

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Laurence asked Poppy: “Has anyone suggested that you might become the next prime minister? Because I think that might be a really good idea.”

Poppy said she had never been told that before and that she would paint the black door of number ten pink.

Featured in episode two of the series, which aired last Thursday (June 27), the programme is available to watch at