The Isle of Wight is waking up to two MPs for the first time in its history, after General Election 2024 served up twists and turns on a monumental night.

The County Press was there to report on all the action as it unfolded.

After a day of voting, polls closed at 10pm and then began the thorough verification and counting process.

Isle of Wight West was the first seat to declare on the night, just before 4am — not too far from the 3am estimated declaration time.

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Labour's Richard Quigley and Conservative MP Bob Seely were the last of the six candidates to turn up to the count, at Medina Leisure Centre, Newport.

Bob cut a dejected figure — saying he did not want to do interviews and would, perhaps, send a statement later.

His mood did not improve, with Richard claiming a 3,177 majority over his Conservative opponent.

(Image: IWCP)

The victory means he is the first ever Labour MP for the Island and the first MP for the newly-formed Isle of Wight West.

Speaking to the County Press after his win, he said he "wants to put the Island back on the map."

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In third was Reform UK candidate, Ian Pickering, who secured 5,834 votes.

Fourth placed was IW Lib Dem, Nick Stuart and fifth was Cameron Palin, of the IW Green Party.

Rachel Thacker, ADF, came sixth with 117 votes.

Soon after the West's declaration, the East result came in at around 4.30am.

(Image: IWCP)

Conservative Joe Robertson claimed the spoils, bringing in a total of 10,427 votes, 30.5 per cent of IW East's turnout.

Joe said it was a 'great honour' to have won his seat at Westminster.

He fought off competition from Reform UK's Sarah Morris (7,104), Green Party's Vix Lowthion (6,313) and Labour's Emily Brothers (6,264), to keep a Conservative MP on the Island.

Independent David Groocock came in sixth place, with 420 votes.

The total turnout of this election, when comparing both constituencies, was 61.58 per cent.

That is the lowest turnout in a General Election on the Island since 2005, which was 61.3 per cent.

This time round a total of 34,149 votes were cast in the East - a turnout there of 61.14 per cent.

In the West, 34,368 votes were cast and verified. That is a turn out of 62.03 per cent.

Across both constituencies, 68,517 votes were cast.