AN Isle of Wight pizza kitchen has been awarded a food hygiene rating of just one, demanding major improvement.

On April 27, Environmental Health inspectors visited Seaview Pizza Kitchen on High Street, Seaview.

The County Press received the inspection report, which showed the areas of concern.

The business was informed the system of stock rotation and control was to label food in the fridge with ‘use by’ dates, but most items were not labelled, and a packet of cooked ham with a ‘use by’ date of April 23 was found – four days out of date.

Regular temperature monitoring of chilled, high-risk food was not being carried out, with the last checks back in 2023, and there were no materials for the hygienic drying of hands at the wash hand basin provided in the food preparation area.

Inspectors also found an allergens chef’s sheet did not include the Napoli pizza which contained allergens within the ingredients.

They were told it was a new pizza which had not been added to the sheet.

The Seaview business got a total score of 30 and was awarded with a food hygiene rating of one, meaning "major improvement is necessary". 

The County Press has contacted the business for a comment.