Wetherspoons has said that it would have been better if Downing Street staff could have met up in a pub if they had been allowed to remain open during lockdown.

They also claimed that his employees could have dealt with their alleged “high jinks” as an investigation continues into the number of gatherings that took place at Downing Street when lockdown measures were in place.

Wetherspoons said in an official statement to the London Stock Exchange: “Public anger regarding ‘partygate’ relates mainly to hypocrisy – the public was prevented from seeing friends and family, while the same rules were not observed at 10 Downing Street.”

It mentioned that there would have been “a number of advantages for the nation” if Downing Street staff had instead been allowed to go to one of its pubs.

Isle of Wight County Press: Tim Martin, the boss at Wetherspoon (PA)Tim Martin, the boss at Wetherspoon (PA)

“Central London pubs employ experienced staff, including highly trained managers, who would have easily dealt with the ‘high jinks’ alleged to have occurred at No 10,” it said.

“CCTV is in operation in central London pubs, so subsequent inquiries as to events are facilitated by the ready availability of evidence.”

What else were Wetherspoons criticising the Government for?

Additionally, the Government also drew ire from the pub chain due to having to pay higher levels of VAT for alcohol than supermarkets do.

Founder and chairman Tim Martin backed Mr Johnson in 2019 when the former mayor of London was running to take charge of the Conservative Party.

“I think he’s a winner. Can he deliver Brexit? I hope that he can,” said the businessman, who once donated to the campaign to leave the European Union.

“I think he would make a good prime minister,” he added.